Initiate Care is changing how safety training is offered to the general public. Our focus is to put our clients in control of their own training. We are here to create the most pleasant experience possible. We work with our clients -- we ask what time and location works best, we don’t believe in student minimums and we prepare customized scene scenarios so that the training speaks directly to those we’re teaching.

Initiate Care is a one-stop shop for all of your safety needs. Our goal is to help you react to an emergency and to prevent an emergency from occurring. We offer certification classes, safety seminars, and general safety consulting. Our training certification classes include basic and advanced courses in First Aid and CPR from the American Heart Association and the American Red Cross as well as T.I.P.S. alcohol prevention training.

We see how excited people get when they have the opportunity to learn lifesaving techniques. We see how upset people are when something happens and they didn't know how to properly react. We listen to people who would like to have training and safety prevention consulting that caters more to their needs. We aim to create an atmosphere where our students and clients feel comfortable learning lifesaving skills they can confidently use to make a difference in countless lives.

We believe that everyone wants to help in an emergency, even if it's something as simple as knowing when to call 911. Why not you?

Mitch Cynamon, Owner
Office: (646) 755-3832