For our corporate clients we offer a unique array of training options.  We recognize that people are spending more time at the office, even though technology is supposed to be creating easier ways for us to accomplish tasks, therefore ‘freeing up’ more time.  We think that our way of incorporating safety training for the corporate world is a great benefit for the employee and the employer.

Ask us how we can help you create a training program that consists of the following options:

  • group classes
  • at home training for employees and their families
  • private training for small groups or one-on-one training in the office


A class designed especially for parents to include 3 first-aid skills in addition to our customized CPR curriculum.
Recommended for all ages
* If there are specific first-aid skills that you would like included, please let us know when registering for the class.

CPR/AED for infants/children/adults

How to assess an emergency, evaluate an unresponsive patient, perform CPR, work with a conscious choking adult with a partially or fully blocked airway, help an unconscious patient that is choking.

First-aid/CPR for children

Learn how to combine the safety skills of CPR and First-aid to manage an emergency until professional help arrives. Excellent training for parents and caregivers. We go over the general principles of first aid, medical emergencies, injury emergencies and CPR. Environmental emergencies and AED training are optional.
Recommended for children 1.5yrs – 12yrs

First-aid/CPR for adults

This course focuses on how to manage illness and injuries in the first few minutes of an emergency until professional help arrives. Course content: General Principles, Medical Emergencies, Injury Emergencies, CPR. Environmental Emergencies and AED are optional.
Recommended for people 13yrs and older