Our hospitality safety classes are proactive tools for reducing risk, attempting to lower the amount of claims and promote positive public relations. Initiate Care hospitality classes offer training in responsible care for guests, employees and the greater community. Training provides managers and FOH/BOH staff with the ability to positively affect the severity of an accident by responding to the situation in a quick and efficient manner.

We have the ability to create a comprehensive program that speaks directly to the needs of your particular facility.

  • Provide a safer environment by taking positive steps to affect the frequency and severity of accidents.
  • Make your restaurant a more attractive risk for insurance companies.
  • Risk assessment and recognition of emergency situations
  • How to properly communicate with 911, other staff members and guests
  • The best ways to ensure that other guests' experiences are not adversely affected by an emergency

Classes encourage team building and provide students with the ability to visualize how to handle an emergency within a hospitality setting. The Initaite Care hospitality certification process provides a customized teaching curriculum using real life restaurant scenarios in conjunction with American Heart Associateion and American Red Cross training guidelines.

Our curriculums were developed by professionals who have over 15 years of hospitality experience. We have created programs for many of New York City's great chefs, restauranteurs and hoteliers. Because we speak the same language as your staff, we can demonstrate how to assess an emergency and if necessary administer the appropriate care. Ensure that your team is being trained by people who understand the real world parameters of how different hospitality settings operate. Initiate Care Hospitality Safety Classes provide pertinent information to better avoid as well as react to an emergency.

All of our classes and training is customized for the hospitality industry.


CPR: infants, children, adults

First-aid: children and adults

Seminars for manager and line staff

T.I.P.S. training


  • Health code
  • FDNY code
  • Preventative maintenance schedules
  • Chemical programs
  • Purchasing programs

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