On-site? We only teach private classes. We believe that our students learn more when they are in a comfortable and familiar setting. We want our students to be able to see where the accident may occur. An additional benefit is that people have an easier time attending classes.

3 dates and times? (For our clients who have not set up a training package) We try to ensure that setting up a class is convenient as possible. Whether you’re a couple or a daycare center or a camp, we realize that attempting to gather a group of people with different schedules is not an easy feat. Therefore we set up our schedule around your schedule.

Do I need a certificate? All of our instructors have a minimum level of training as an advanced care CPR/basic first-aid instructor from the American Heart Association and/or the American Red Cross. This gives us the ability to provide certificates for those people that actually need them for work, and to provide a similar level of training for other people who don’t require an official document to show that they have been trained.

Do I have to help once I’ve earned a certificate? Do I have to help once I’ve taken a non-certification class? Unless you have a duty to act, you do not have to help someone in an emergency situation unless you feel comfortable doing so. If you have a duty to act, then you will know it. If you have any questions on whether or not you would be considered to have a duty to act, please click here and send us an email. We’d be happy to do some research and let you know.

Good Samaritan Law? - A law across all 50 states, absolving rescuers from liability as long as they stay within the scope of their training. For example, more often than not, people ask about providing a tracheotomy. This procedure is definitely outside of the scope of our classes.

Free skills refresher? We offer a free skills refresher at any point from 6-8 months after the initial training date for our non-training package classes. For students that would like to continue their training with a class instead of a refresh opportunity within the 8 month window, we offer a discount on the next class.

Can I continue to email with questions after 8 months passes? We encourage all of our students to stay in touch with their instructors or to email our general mailbox, with any questions or concerns. Continued support is important to us, we want our students to be as confident as possible in the event of an emergency.


Group Pricing
Our group pricing discounts are a way of us saying ‘Thank you’ to our clients. We offer 4 different types of pricing: per student, couples (parents/caregivers only), group and monthly agreements. Each option provides options for our clients to save money as they add in more students.

We accept cash or checks at the time of the class. You are welcome to pay online using the link found in your confirmation email.

Cancellation policy
Cancellations prior to 36 hours from the scheduled class time can be refunded in full. Cancellations within 36 hours of the scheduled class time require payment of 75% of the total class or the per student price. 

Please email us at:
Or call us at: 917-524-9615
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