There’s the saying that “Those that can’t do, teach.” I know first-hand that that does not apply to Mitch. My husband and I met him when our 3 month-old daughter began choking as we waited for a flight to take off. Terrified, we ran off the plane, and Mitch followed us offering his help. He very calmly performed CPR, literally saving her life. I really can’t imagine what may have happened had he not been there. When we learned that he taught infant/child CPR and first aid, we took his class. Mitch is a great instructor. He keeps things simple and focuses on the key points you’ll need to know should you be in a critical situation. By teaching in your home, he not only makes it incredibly convenient and relaxed, but he’s also able to identify the real-life problems that could arise, and the solutions (since most medical emergencies happen at home). He took the time to thoroughly answer all of our many questions and made sure we were comfortable with every skill. I could not recommend Mitch more highly, and just feel so relieved knowing that, should we ever encounter another emergency with our daughter, I’d confidently be able to address it.

Ashley B., New York, NY

As a father of two young children, I can tell you that the CPR training I received from Initiate Care Resources is invaluable. Mitch has an incredible amount of patience and makes the subject matter approachable and entertaining.

Daniel S., West Orange, NJ

The insights of an ex-restaurant employee was extremely helpful and raised my confidence to handle an emergency. I walked away feeling, 'I could do this if it happens.'

Ty Kotz, Chef de Cuisine
Tabla, New York, NY

Mitch is an outstanding trainer. His CPR and RTE courses were conducted in a thorough, professional and informative manner. Moreover, his knowledge level and interactive teaching style kept our staff interested and motivated to learn. I highly recommend Mitch’s courses to anyone interested in obtaining CPR and RTE certifications.

Glenn Wechsler, Camp Director
JCC of Staten Island, NY

I am writing to thank you for the excellent training you have provided our company in CPR and First Aid...the training has contributed to better care for the afflicted individual and much less business disruption...these safety courses are excellent skills for restaurant managers to posses.

Paul Bolles-Beaven | read more
Senior Managing Partner, Union Square Hospitality Group, New York, NY

Mitch has a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge of restaurant operations. His CPR/First-Aid program uses training scenarios that paint a vivid picture of what restaurant employees need to know in an emergency.

Susan Salgado, Director of Culture and Learning, Union Square Hospitality Group, New York, NY

Dear Mitch,
I want to thank you for presenting an excellent Pediatric First Aid course. Our entire staff had a wonderful experience. Some of the teachers had taken the course and needed a " refresher course". For some other teachers it was their first time taking the course.
Every person felt she gained new and important information and skills. While you were serious about the topic your style was very supportive and your sense of humor made us feel confident. I would highly recommend your course.
Thank you, again.

Helen Halverson,
Former Director of the Berkeley Carroll
Child Care Center, New York, NY